For U.S. Federal Government Employees, we offer financial education & financial advice.

For financial education, please visit our YouTube channel (FinEd for Feds).

For financial advice, we offer U.S. Federal Government Employees with Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS) benefits one-time or ongoing financial planning engagements.

One-Time Financial Planning Engagements

These engagements are ideal for current FERS employees who are planning to retire from federal service within the next three years.

You would like financial advice on one or more of the below topics but you are comfortable with implementing any and all advice on your own.

Common Topics & Services:

  • FERS Employee Benefit Review
  • Pre- & Post-Retirement Income Analysis
  • FERS Pension Maximization
  • Social Security Benefits Review
  • Life and Health Insurance Assessment (FEGLI, FEHB)
  • Special Provisions Employees
  • Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) Review
  • Review of non-TSP investment accounts (i.e. held-away IRA’s, brokerage accounts, etc) with primary goals of ensuring proper diversification and reducing mutual fund and/or exchange-traded fund (ETF) fees
  • If desired, we can incorporate a spouse or partner into the process and review/analyze/recommend at the household level (regardless of whether they are a federal employee or not)
  • Video call, phone call or in-person consultation to review the analysis and discuss any questions

These engagements are custom and billed at $295/hour. Additional topics/services beyond the ones listed above will be considered.

Ongoing Financial Planning Engagements

The rest of our website provides more details related to ongoing financial planning engagements with our clients, including core components (investment management, tax planning, healthcare planning), process and fees. Importantly, we incorporate our knowledge of your specific FERS employee benefits into the ongoing financial planning engagement.

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